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On lesbian (in)existence

Is it better to be a visible gay man in a homophobic society, who risks being subject to verbal and physical homophobic abuse, or to be a lesbian, who is effectively culturally, socially and politically invisible? This is the question … Continue reading

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Murderous urges: degrees of homophobia in the late 19th and early 20th century

In my work on representations of lesbians, or women who desire women, in Italian texts, I often come across homophobic, negative, comments. I am analysing these, reflecting on the possible motivations for this negativity and prejudice. Sometimes, even murderous desires … Continue reading

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Looking for lesbians in libraries (and elsewhere…)

This research project has been germinating for a long time, and if it is bearing fruit now, it is thanks to many friends and colleagues who have pointed me in the direction of novels, journals, websites, films and writers, and … Continue reading

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